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Did you know?? The average office desk/counter top harbors more than 400x more germs than toilets. 

We provide disinfection of viruses and other pathogens of office spaces, clinics, warehouses and all types of facilities. 

We help you protect the health of your customers and employees, as well as potentially reduce sick days and healthcare costs. 

Our team will deliver, fast, professional and cost-effective results with a minimum disruption to your business. 

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Our Services

We provide disinfection killing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. The product we use is designed to provide effective deodorization, sanitation and disinfection where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination. 

Our Product

Our hospital grade formula helps stop the spread of contagious diseases including viruses. It is dye and perfume free; which minimizes the possibility of an allergic reaction. It is made and manufactured in the USA. 


Is it safe for people and pets?

Yes, our product is mixed with water to a dilution rate that is environmentally safe.

Does it have a lasting effect?

Pathogens can last on a surface for up to 9 days. Our product sanitizes and kills any pathogens and viruses that are already on the contact surfaces. We recommend a treatment frequency that works best for you.  

Is your product going to kill the COVID-19 virus?

The CDC recommend using an EPA-registered disinfectant. We go one step further and use an EPA- registered, HOSPITAL GRADE disinfectant.